Welcome to a Realistic approach to playing the game of
I am a risk taker who understands how to take the risk out of high risk return games  and investing.
I have traded the Stock ,Currency and Futures markets for 20 years as well as played Casino games for 20 years , both successfully after learning what works and what does not.
Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my world that is far from a regular 9 to 5.
Firstly, lest get rid of misconceptions and suggested beliefs, while I know I look at things differently from most and have a very analytical frame of mind and approach to life I am not a genius nor highly educated or with degrees behind my name, and I vividly remember the very last day of school as I walked out the gate I slammed it shut and said to myself “Thank God that is Over” I could now get on with the real world.
If you believe higher education will do it for you, and have the view that makes someone smarter or wealthier than you will be wrong most times.
It probably took me the better part of 20 years growing up to realize that my view was most times right and my ability for analyzing and evaluating risk is second to none and learnt the hard way that the so-called Professionals I used, most times left a lot to be desired, and at one stage almost bankrupted me.
I come from a rural background and around 20 years ago realized I had to do something different to survive and that was about the time I  started to wake up I had skills i had not been utilizing and tended to look at things differently to most. Back then Casinos were relatively new to me, however as I am a risk taker and numbers person they always intrigued me. I studied the Stock Markets doing various courses that gave me nothing, however went on to build my career on my own ingenuity to the point where what I was achieving put me to the top 5%of that field.
It is probably the last 5 years,  I have had more time  and probed deeper into the Casino games and watched the development of computers being used to manipulate the games in the Casino favour, something I feel very strongly about as in my opinion it is illegal that most of the controlling can be done after we place our bets and as far as i am concerned is cheating or illegal.
I guess this is where me being me having the ability , this is what i set out to achieve. If someone is using something against me then it must create a situation where I can turn it around and use it back against them, i will go to any length to make sure that happens or find the key to enable me to achieve this,which is what I have done   both with Casinos and my career of Trading the markets which also are no longer a random walk especially FX or Currency Trading.
I have strived to instead of being a “Jack” of all trades, to be a Professional of all Trades and the time has come to pass on the knowledge I have gained.
I wish all of you good luck even if you do not come on board and maybe I will see you on a world Casino Tour I will be undertaking in the next 12 months.
Furthermore i do not wish to disclose my identity as Australian Casinos are small and especially my home town Brisbane and always attempt to keep as a low of a profile as possible, should you take up the option of spending time with me to go over the course then you will get to meet who i am.
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