Have you ever wanted to go to a Casino and give them some of their own back, instead of usually always walking out down and frustrated?

Have you ever wondered is there any way to get a handle on  what goes on, so you can make even just a few extra Dollars to spend?

I am a down to earth person, not out to make fanciful claims, I can assist you and give you an insight as to what I do and an approach to making money from Baccarat that has nothing to do with progression betting, compounding or anything you have read about. As you consider using my experience think of the advantage you have over both other players and the Casino.
I never follow the herd, I always think outside the square, and even more relevant, I never listen to the spiel commonly put out, especially by casinos, as quite a lot of the concepts around are in fact put out by Casinos in a hope to confuse you.
I developed a style of Trading the Currency Markets that put me in the top 5 % of Traders and I have used that same analysis and risk control to allow me to take on Casinos , for me it is not gambling, it is about taking risk out of high risk situations  to now have fun and make some money while enjoying myself.
I approach the game as systematically as possible using a road map or a cheat sheet which I have the hands set out numerically with different sequences happening at different parts of the game and finish the game on the 56 th. hand of the shoe if not sooner, I am not interested in the last hands.
To a degree what I do has to coincide with the randomness of the game but also being able to take advantage of a run that may last more than 4 hands where it is easier to extend your wins or to safeguard when the smaller run chop begins
When you track a game the way I do you will see where that shuffle machines usually chop forward and then back as that is how they mix the cards.
I have a basic formula for the game to start with meaning what to bet on 95% of the hands dealt and if going to a new casino I will log at least 10 to 15 shoes , not on my cheat sheet , but simply on a baccarat or a roulette card I find easiest, then leave the Casino, away from cameras, and enter the games  onto a spreadsheet where  I have my game formula and see how it compares with the flow I use, sometimes I may alter 3 or 4 hands to accommodate a particular pattern that may be Casino specific or after 10 shoes revise again to see if I can improve maybe 3 or 4 hand outcomes in my favour .
With the course i have a spread sheet of numbers set out the way i do which are all real games played so you have a template to start with , also a 30 Page manual with images and diagrams and explanations for every hand dealt and why i am doing what i am doing .
Let me be very clear  on 2 Things right now , Firstly: You are never ever going to be able to win every hand, this is always about percentages and knowing when you are at the best possible time to LEAVE the game. You must learn that a winner ALWAYS  knows when to leave, a GAMBLER ALWAYS  gets sucked in and believes this run is going on forever and bets bigger and then walks away empty handed.
Secondly: This course is not designed and priced for problem gamblers who spend their weekly wage every week at the Casino, you will not be able to afford it, firstly you need to take control of your life . I have seen so many people do that it is unreal , the greed and LACK of discipline sucks them in  and that is what the casino preys upon.
Whilst playing there is always going to be some hands and areas of the shoe  are just a total mish mash,and  if you are down and get back to square with great difficulty then WALK , find another table and continue , that is what the successful players and myself do.My strategy is also going to highlight the more predictable  areas of the shoe to bet on when you become familiar with using the road map i provide.
If you are at a Casino that it takes 3 hours to get maybe 10 or 15 shoe results then be aware this is a smaller casino , when you start to win consistently you will become an immediate target and regular shuffled cards will be removed and replaced with a far more difficult mix as they will be monitoring your every move being a smaller establishment, and do their best to combat you, so my suggestion is keep to the larger Casinos or go to Vegas where there is a myriad of options available.
I am looking to get around 8 units + in profit for a shoe if betting a single unit , if in the first 12 hands  I am up maybe 7 units, I walk as i am definitely at the top of my percentages or risk and return for games played.  I explain those facts in details with material I provide. I also have criteria for the start of the game and I prefer, if the option is available for the player to cut the deck, then I do it, I never sit at a table if someone decides they want the shoe manually shuffled as that alters the machine shuffle patterns that may appear and makes the shoe even more difficult because we are using the machine shuffle to our advantage NOT random luck.
With the course comes the cheat sheet I use along with rules and explanations of what I am doing and when I am doing it, an example of the last 700 hands I have played, also I delve into how I still take on the Roulette Game and what is required to win more times than lose.

I offer the Course as Home version which is  email format .
This is a service provided to help take back what is rightly yours as 95% of people continually lose money and into the thousands at times,  without ever getting a return. If you want to take the initiative and hold the advantage then you require my help .
Until the inception of computers being used to trick and manipulate the public at large I  would never have exposed my abilities in this manner.
Associated with the course is the Format printed and excel version ,i use, manual describing the process i use to determine what i bet on, when to walk away both when up and down and what to look for to gain extra advantages during play, also there are some patterns that appear whilst playing i bet on which are most times 80% accurate and worth knowing and following, certain  number counts  i use for specific bets to give you an advantage.
Also i provide my thoughts and how to approach Roulette and how long you stay at a game before moving on, especially with Rapid or Speed Roulette and the tell tale signs of what to look out for if they have Total Game Manipulation enabled . I have played thousands of spins  of Roulette and monitored carefully what the computer game does, and i might add it has cost me alot of money to establish what  i have found and how to now deal with it and also  the times i have found Casinos relax their grip on games to entice us to come to them, and the times they have a vice grip on everything to ensure they make the most out of us being there.
This course is derived from 20 years of what does and does  not work .
As i am sure you already know, you have already lost a considerable more money than the cost of the information i am handing you .  Allow me to help you take back what is yours .
To order the Course please email me on
mark@baccaratskills.com    and i will give you payment details. Or simply order below if paying by credit card and send me an email address for forwarding as i am not a rapid set up guy with all the fancy tools just someone attempting to help people with an advantage.
Which side of the table would you rather be on?

The LOSER'S side costing you money?

Or  making a small investment with me to be on the WINNING SIDE?
   Time Out - You Need a Rest
We are only human after all and at some stage we are going to falter. As i have already stated this is truly a game of skill, it is a game of concentration and if you loose that edge you are on the verge of giving back what you have made.
Below I have listed some situations that give rise to impending losses so please take note.

* You suddenly start over betting or trying to play catch up
*   People you are playing with become more annoying
*   You are almost out of your Daily Limit set
*   You miss or place bets on the wrong side and this is a big one
*   You start to think it is set up  against you personally

If any of these issues start to come into focus then it is time to go get a coffee, relax , reset or simply go home, your mind is not working with you it is providing negativity or you may simply be tired, whatever you do don't keep playing ,
GET UP AND WALK AWAY  There is always another day.
Welcome to a Realistic approach to playing the game of
Hold the WINNING Hand
Learn how to take the risk out of playing a high risk game to achieve maximum returns.
I have traded the Stock, Currency and Futures markets for 20 years as well as played Casino games for 20 years, both successfully after learning what works and what does not.