The Days of Random luck in a casino is now a thing of the past, times have brought about major changes and needless to say most time changes happen it  never benefits us.
Let me outline the game behind the game for you, incase you are still one of the firm believers Casinos offer a fair and untampered game.

Below is the info from Cammegh AS PUBLSIHED ON THEIR WEBSITE , the manufacturers of the majority of Roulette Wheels  and in particular the RRS or Random Rotor Speed  Wheel . If you think this does not control the game of Roulette then i wish you goodbye and good luck. Please don't take my word for it, follow  the link below  and watch the video how they can manipulate the outcome of the game by speeding up or slowing down the wheel to manipulate where the ball drops ,all this  AFTER  you have placed your bets, Totally Illegal of Course,  but do you see The Office of Liquor and Gaming stop it? Not at all, the Government is raking in too much money out of it .. I once questioned them and their response was " we have a very good working relationship with the Casino " i will leave the interpretation up to you what that meant!
Paste in this link to your browser to see the capabilities openly displayed.

Below is a paragraph from their sales pitch detailing the control over the game which is accessed remotley by computer.
Key to the main features listed below, is the development of the Mercury 360 game engine, a security-focused platform constantly monitoring rotor status, wheel level and ball characteristics throughout game play. When combined with Cammegh's Wheel Manager Application for Mercury 360, the game event log can be exported via the Ethernet port of the supplied B.O.B communications hub to a PC or network for data analysis and diagnostics.

If you don't play these new wheels in a specific way, the chances of stringing 2  winning sessions together  are nigh on impossible.

This particular game is set up usually beside the proper tables where you use chips to make your bets, these usually have 2 wheels spinning at 30 second to 1 minute intervals to speed up the game .They have multiple  electronic terminals where you place your bets . Now for the uninitiated you will rock up maybe get a small win,then continue then it all goes, then put some more money in ,then a small win maybe , then away it goes no matter what you do. Now does that sound very similar to playing the pokies, most times you get a small win to suck you in then you keep going, run out of money , put in some more and maybe a small win and so on. Did i hear you say this is Roulette it is not a pokie machine . Guess what , because the game has an electronic interface it is actually under the licence laws as an E.G.M.  Which is, an electronic gaming machine, it is set up the same as pokie with a set payout percentage when it is ready ,  yes this game is 100% controlled to provide the exact payout criteria wanted by the casino. The greatest scam by the casino is firstly they do not acknowledge to us it is an E.G.M. But the cleverest piece of manipulation to throw us off the track is setting it up beside the proper tables so we do not suspect a thing , we are lead to believe it is a real and fair game just because it is an actual dealer launching the ball and not a machine, it makes no difference , the computer tracks all bets in milliseconds and the mechanism used places the ball in the required number to satisfy the house payout,if you have played these things i am sure you have seen occasions where the ball is basically stopped in a number next thing it jumps skips to a whole new area,  you have just been scammed once again by the most elaborate and underhanded tactic to fool you into thinking you are playing a real game, how much more illegal do you want to get than this?  There is 1 way to play these things very carefully but discipline is required and using the same  approach similar to the proper tables which i suggest and show also in the Baccarat Course.

Oh come on i hear you say they cant manipulate that.
Have you ever looked into automatic shuffle machines and why the Casino loves them, of  course they introduce them to beat card counters, how dare anyone use skill when walking into a Casino , you know those nasty little people who try to get a slight edge over the Casino who are just down and out CHEATS..Yes you and me !
Ok here is what happens , yes,  i know you are saying there could be 3 people at a table maybe 5 at a table they can not alter anything, uhmm so why does a shuffle machine only place enough cards for 3 or so hands in the shoe to be dealt out at any one time , i will tell you why , it is because the shuffler counts how many cards coming back in every hand, it immediately knows how many players there are at the table from the amount of return cards coming back in to be reshuffled and conveniently mixes the cards to whatever percentage the casino is running on the day, as simple as that.
With shuffle machines i have seen it sort 8 decks of cards from fully shuffled to  fully sorted 1 to Ace  in under 1 minute, simply from the pit boss pushing 1 button, that is the power computers have when coupled with machines, all shufflers read every card as they are dealt and transfer every detail to a base PC so someone monitoring the game upstairs already knows the outcome before the end of the game.
That is what i know of and i am sure there is even more as technology is improving at a rapid rate,they are now in the process of developing digital ink playing  cards meaning the face of a playing card can be changed by remote access wi fi , once that comes give up going to a casino full stop you will never walk away with a great win, so make the most of things while we still have a fighting chance.

In the casinos  eyes WE are all cheats, and they justify computer controlling games as a means of combatting us nasty little individuals. We are supposed to believe their speil, however NOTHING in a Casino is left to being a random game of luck and that you need No skill to play, unless you go there to give them a donation every time you play. The days of  a random walk of luck, are well and truly gone with the use of computers and shuffle machines.
  We go in there and they see us as taking THEIR money, but wait a minute, we give them the money in the first place so its actually OUR money, dam right it is, yours and mine, so let me help you go get it back.

Which side of the table would you rather be on?

The LOSER'S side costing you money?

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